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About us

We have both lived and worked in North Wales for most of our lives. Bethan was brought up on this farm where her grandparents once worked the land. Keith has spent most of his working life employed by the Environment Agency involved in fisheries conservation managing salmon hatcheries.

The barn was converted into living accommodation in 2008 and where possible we used sustainable building materials and practices. The building has been lime plastered on some of the internal walls and has reclaimed wooden floors and a slated roof and is insulated with lambs wool.


About us      About us

About us      About us

About us      About us

Snowdonia provides a diverse range of culture and activities; there is something for everyone.  There are beautiful mountains; coastline and crystal clear rivers - all of these contain a huge variety of wildlife and natural history.

Snowdonia, is rich in history, there are Welsh and English castles, and many iron and bronze age hill forts to explore. Portmeirion 'the Italian village' is situated within 30 minutes drive of Bryn Teg; a fascinating place, built between 1925 and 1975 by architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis.


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